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              The Doctors - Justin

              The Doctors

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              Dr. Oz Show

              Dr. Oz

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              Steve Harvey

              Steve 911
              The Today Show

              The Today Show

              Andrew's Story
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              Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan - 11 Mixers That Make Alcohol Healthier
              Full disclosure: Alcohol ranks pretty low on the scale of healthy things to put in your body. Not to get all preachy, but it contains calories that don't fill you up, it lowers your inhibitions so you end up eating more, it dehydrates you and also...

              CNN Health CNN Health - 7 Ways to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings
              How often are you overcome with the desire to devour a chocolate bar or cheeseburger? Even the most nutrition-conscious people have to learn how to cope with cravings, sometimes for not-so-nutritious foods...

              Glamour Glamour - How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Alcohol
              With all the cocktail-drinking opportunities you will quite likely be faced with over the holidays, you might ask yourself: "Self, is it true that drinking alcohol can impede weight loss?...

              PopSugar PopSugar - Holiday Drinking Causes You to Gain Pounds
              When it comes to drinking, it's not just empty calories that can affect your waistline. Overimbibing can also mess with your metabolism, making it harder to shed unwanted pounds...
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              Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist is a board certified bariatric physician with a specialization in weight loss. Her approach combines quality nutrition and metabolism correction to produce results that last a lifetime. She is a nationally recognized and versatile media personality covering a wide spectrum of health-related news and topics.

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